Zapier Integration

The most popular integration platform is embedded into Flash Lead


Transfer any type of data on Flash Lead to the app you want through Zapier and vice versa through 5,000+ integrations.

Pain Point

You waste a lot of time transferring data from one app to another whether it was a sheet, document, contact info, or others. This distracts you from your principal job functions and needs more effort to gather your concentration again.

Use Cases

The most popular integration platform is embedded into Flash Lead

As we care about any service that could serve your business, Flash Lead provides what makes data transfer much easier through double-side synchronization, where every piece of info on Flash Lead is found on your favorite app and vice versa.

Make the most use of Gmail

You can automate sending an email to every new lead after they directly enter your sales pipeline in a list. This informs them that the sales rep noticed their interest in the business which makes them ready for a cold call based on a Meet Me link included in the email, which the lead can use to reserve a meeting through.

Create the crucial surveys that gather needed info and insights

Data recorded in any other app is transferred to Flash Lead. If you made a form using a survey platform (e.g., SurveyBooker), the contact info you gathered in this form would be kept in one of the lists in Flash Lead automatically as you want.

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Marketing Automation

Set the suitable workflows for your e-mail marketing campaigns to be sent automatically.

Instagram Messenger

Bots & Messaging, Customer Support

Interact with your leads’ messages, build rapport, and add them to Flash Lead sales pipeline.

Whatsapp Business

Bots & Messaging, Customer Support

Reply to your leads’ message directly and support them instantly.

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