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that offers business software through integrated solutions to help companies boost their sales, achieve marketing objectives, and build customer satisfaction.

Unleash the true power of your sales team

One small step for a firm,
one giant leap for the SaaS industry

In 2021, Flash Lead launched its opening product Flash Lead Essential to be the first integrated solution Flash Lead offers.

Flash Lead Essential is a web/mobile application that was first designed for real estate agencies with all features they are in need of; where automatic CIL creation and resending was one of its distinctive features that encouraged numerous real estate agencies to use Flash Lead Essential; for its simplicity, time-saving and practical role in preserving the commission.

Facebook Lead Ad integration was a turning point in the history of Flash Lead Essential. The moment the lead finishes submitting his data and filling the form, it’s automatically entered into the CRM solution, this was then followed by an integration that automates lead entry from a google form (landing pages).
For its effective managerial features that help team leaders and managers, in addition to its analytical features that help business, Flash Lead Essential expanded its range of sectors, it became not limited to real estate and added a customizable sales pipeline to the software to suit any business.

It’s time for the Pro puzzle piece!

Flash Lead has walked multiple miles through its path, it's time to walk an extra mile that enriches the journey and takes it to another level. Flash Lead Pro is the checkpoint that helps any business to turn bigger at a faster more stable rate.

With its marketing automation tools, Flash Lead Pro saves a lot of time. It automates repeated actions that consume precious time. It depends on the input the user enters, like any automation, it needs a trigger that stimulates a certain action to be done automatically, this trigger is based on how much the marketer understands his customer.

Not only automation, but the omnichannel conversation feature is also the way that Flash Lead connects the client’s conversations across multiple channels together, so previous inquiries, requests, after-sales inquiries, and orders are gathered in one platform.
Instead of using external tools to manage meetings’ appointments, Flash Lead delivers its user a solution that helps him to arrange his free slots from which the client picks the time that fits with him. Flash Lead provides a hub that gathers all tools, once you’ve logged in you’ll never sign out.
Saves time > Saved time could be managed in generating more leads.
Saves efforts > Saved efforts could be directed towards nurturing relationships with clients.


We intend to lead the Arab market towards a more competitive condition that encourages the industry to develop in a more rapid way, which will provide more various advantages to all businesses at a reasonable cost in the local and international market.


Customer Oriented

As a business that seeks a permanent relationship with its customers, Flash Lead always listens carefully to their needs; in order to turn their imaginations into actual tools that help them optimize their business operations, work faster and eliminate human error.


Any business needs the tools that give it the push and energy to reach its goals and actualize its objectives. Flash Lead provides powerful solutions that cope up with the rapid rate of business and accelerate it.


Flash Lead doesn’t only monitor, analyze and develop as a SaaS firm, but it puts itself in any other business’ shoes to forecast its needs; as necessity is the mother of invention, this gives Flash Lead the opportunity to innovate the tools that will cover the needs and will grow the business bigger.


A successful solution is a simple one that gathers all tools on the same interface. A sophisticated solution that puts its user in a maze consumes its user’s energy, time, and patience, therefore being simple is a keystone that Flash Lead can’t give away.


With every decision we take, Flash Lead informs its clients before launching them through our roadmap. Building a relationship with our clients based on transparency helps Flash Lead establish an open channel that allows (Flash Lead and clients) to communicate breaking all borders .

Collaboration and Accountability

Flash Lead thinks like a success partner with all its clients, this makes Flash Lead carries the responsibility of increasing the client’s sales, improving employees’ performance, and making marketing more effective.

Becoming a unicorn?
Why not!

Flash Lead has a borderless ambition, it’s the main trigger that stimulates any step Flash Lead takes. We hope to be at a 1 Billion USD market value in the near future.


  • In 2021, Our Headquaters is in Cairo, Egypt.
  • In 2021, Our second branch is opened in Delaware, USA.
  • In 2022, Our third branch is opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Flash Lead Team

Alaa Mourad

Co-founder and CEO

Jackson Harry

Co-founder and CTO

Caroline Robert

Marketing Manager

Adham Ouda

Business Development Manager

Irfan Baree

Technology Manager

Hazem Ashraf


Mahmoud Aboelwafa

Business Developer

Marwan El-Fakharany

Senior Accountant

Salaser Babu

Project Manager

Mohamed Elfishawy

Senior Graphic Designer/ UI/UX Designer

Maison Mohamed

Graphic Designer

Omar Atef

Business Developer

Abduallah Rehan

Mobile App Developer

Zahid Ali

Full Stack Developer

Mariam Emil

Business Developer

Mohamed Rabie

Head of Partnerships

Ahmed Eissa

Business Developer

Sobal Naseeb

Web Designer

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