Flash Lead Pro

A tool that has it all

The easiest and most advanced CRM in GCC and the Middle East + Automation and Conversation modules

Whatsapp Business
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Flash Lead PRO

Top Features

Connect Facebook Leads form to CRM

All your company on one Whatsapp business

Manage deals

Automated SMS marketing

Flash Lead Pro gives you the top notch CRM in addition to a wide spectrum of tools to enhance your marketing and sales progress.

What does it do for your company?

1 All the Features in Flash Lead Essential

Automated leads entry and delivery, communication tracking,
team management, reports and opportunities and fully
integrated deals module.

2 Whatsapp business In App integration

Whatsapp business integration all your company on one whatsapp (Sales, Marketing, management) each person sees his related chats.

Automated replies: set your preferred trigger and flow to eliminate human interaction in whatsapp.

3 Marketing Automation

Automated outbound message SMS and E-mail based on trigger and flow to assure that your potential customers stay engaged and up to date with your progress.

Sectors using
Flash Lead Pro

Flash lead has the ability to customize its workflow and features to perfectly fit your business needs. Either you are a retailer, bank, distributor, factory, insurance company or any other type of business,

you will find flash Lead fitting perfectly what you need.

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