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A Full Overview of the Sales Operations?

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Dashboards provide managers with quick, useful and

actionable insights about their revenue growth

How many deals
have been closed
What was the revenue
for last month?
What’s the number
of calls made?
Who are the employees
that achieved their

Flash Lead sales CRM Reporting offers sales
management insights and summaries.

How many leads
moved forward?
How many follow-ups
were missed?
Who’s your top
What’s your top lead

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Company’s Sales Grow By 28%

Accelerate your ROI from every interaction with leads

Any business has multiple channels through which leads communicate with business representatives from initial contact to after-sales inquiries. Through Sales CRM lead management, Flash Lead offers an omnichannel conversation channel integrated to connect all chat platforms with our system, avoiding distraction and time-wasting. This opens the door for chats to be turned into leads with a full overview on the whole journey.

Turn your salespeople into revenue generators

All businesses thrive with sales, you simply can not succeed without sales, whether B2B or B2C. Flash Lead puts the sales team first when creating solutions. This is why Flash Lead has provided all features and integrations in a lead management CRM that any salesperson could easily use for lead capture, and lead follow-up while documenting every action that took place with the lead on the system with customizable pipelines, and above and beyond lead import options. Our VOIP add-on allows for calls to be recorded to be further analyzed and to get best practice insights.

Transfer qualified leads to sales through marketing channels

Building lasting relationships with consumers is a crucial common element that CRM leads to and inbound marketing achieves, Flash Lead automates sending SMSs to leads according to a pre-set rule with a specific trigger; to deliver his lead the suitable offer, announcement, or greeting. What about automatically linking Flash Lead to your E-mail marketing platforms, invoicing, ERP,..... for frictionless transfer of leads through your buyer journey? Our 5,000+ integrations have got you and all your dreams covered.

Manage your teams and tasks in favor of sales

All lead-to-salespersons interactions are recorded and documented on the system. We also offer internal chat and task management to provide direct communication between the team leader and salesperson about a specific lead, this establishes the transparency and ease of tracking communication that a business requires.

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We’re bringing the power of analytics to your pipeline. We will help you manage every deal with accuracy, confidence and speed. You can track your progress, get a detailed look at deals that are coming to the closing and make adjustments as needed—to ensure a streamlined sales pipeline and a more efficient team.

Flash Lead Pro offers all The Essential features in addition to a lead 360 overview:
Capture leads from Social Media communication, schedule meetings, and enjoy +5,000 integrations and built-in automations to streamline your sales pipeline with a wide range of insights and alerts that increase your company's performance.

Available in Arabic and English
Easy to use cloud-based web and Google Play & App Store apps.

You need a Flash Lead solution to
Make Your Sales Growth an Actionable
Process Not Just a Goal

Built for salespeople around the world

Our solutions were designed to fit any company that has a sales team. Wherever you are, regardless of your company size and scope, Flash Lead takes the distinctive journey every buyer goes through into consideration. Our solutions are fully customizable to match your buyer journey and internal workflow. Flash Lead will always be your launching platform for global accessibility. Sales Management and Revenue Growth were never easier. Create an account NOW and start using it in a few minutes with our plug&play SaaS. Whether you need a Sales CRM, omnichannel conversations, VOIP call center, or +5,000 integrations with company functions from Accounting to E-mail marketing, Flash Lead is the way.
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